6+ Free Donation Receipt Templates

Donation receipts are documents issued by a nonprofit organization or institute to its each donor upon receiving donations for a particular purpose or cause. Receipt of donation provides written proof to those who donate some money, goods or services to charitable institute or organization. Everyone knows that charitable donations are tax deductable that’s why, a written donation receipt could be really useful for a donor because it offers tax deduction according to the value of donation made. All nonprofit organizations must have an effective system to generate donation receipts and donation receipt template can also be used for this purpose.

Nowadays, several ways are accessible to create and print donation receipts that an organization or NGO can use according to budget and finances. If you really don’t want to spend big part of the budget on purchase of an electronic receipt making system for the organization, then you should go for a suitable donation receipt template. You can get it free from here by clicking on download link shown below. Once basic editing is made successfully in the template, it will be easy for you to generate multiple donation receipts quickly without spending huge efforts and time.

Editable Donation Receipt Templates:

Receipt of donation generally indicates necessary details about donation transaction such as name of the organization or NGO at the top, contact details, name of the donor, type of donation like cash, products or services etc, value of donations, date, purpose of donations and name of the receiver etc. It works as a handy tool to keep good track of donations received by the organization in a day or for particular time period. On another hand, donors can keep donation receipts save to get tax deduction while filling up income tax return at the end of financial year.

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