21+ Official Customer Service Report Templates

Happy and satisfied customers play an important part in the overall success of a business. You can make your customers happy by providing them with high-quality products and after-sales services. In order to evaluate the quality of services, a customer service report is usually prepared. In this article, we have some free customer service report templates available for you in editable formats. One can easily download a suitable template, edit its contents, and use it as per the requirement.

What is a Customer Service Report?

A customer service report is the presentation and evaluation of the services that are provided to the customers of the organization. Most of the big brands and businesses always rely on the customer service report when it comes to providing high-quality services to their customers.

For that purpose, a customer service report is usually prepared on a regular basis. For example, customer service reports can be prepared on a daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual, or annual basis. With the help of the data in such a report, it gets quite easy for the management of the company to take effective decisions for providing great quality services to its customers.

A useful collection of official customer service templates is given here on this page. These templates and samples are available in both Microsoft Excel and Word templates. Any suitable template can easily be used by clicking the download button and can be customized in accordance with the required situation.

FREE Customer Service Report Templates in WORD are Given Below

Rental Customer Service Report Template

File Size: 08 KB

Sample Customer Service Assessment Report Template

File Size: 35 KB

Simple Customer Service Report Template

File Size: 22 KB

Year-End Customer Service Report Example

File Size: 25 KB

Customer Service Incident Report Template Word

File Size: 23 KB

Professional Annual Customer Service Report Template

File Size: 03 MB

Yearly Customer Service Complaints Report Format

File Size: 45 KB

Monthly Customer Service Report Word Template

File Size: 07 KB

Blank Customer Service Report Doc Format

File Size: 28 KB

Manager’s Customer Service Assessment Report Example

File Size: 56 KB

Library Services Customer Survey Report

File Size: 148 KB

Free Editable Customer Service Report Template

File Size: 16 KB

Purpose of Customer Service Reports

As mentioned earlier, a customer service report can play an important part in the success of a business. A happy customer is always a loyal customer. If the customers are served the right way, they stay intact with your brand. That’s how they become the ambassadors of your brand and that’s how you grow your audience.

However, contrary to this, if the customers are not served properly or are mistreated or disrespected, it gets difficult for the business to win back their trust. So, in a nutshell, the thing is that you don’t ever want to lose your customers.

In order to keep your customers happy and intact to your business, you need to satisfy and serve them properly. Provide them with high-quality services and products so that they always remain loyal to your brand. In order to make better decisions regarding the provision of high-quality services to your customers, using a customer service report can be a great option.

The data and analytics of a customer service report show you the true picture of the quality of services your customer care department is providing to the customers. On the basis of data provided by a customer service report, the management can take important decisions regarding the improvement of services that it provides.

Steps can be taken to ensure the provision of great quality customer services. For example, with the data provided by a customer service report, the management can easily assess what are the areas that require improvement. They can also analyze the services provided by their competitors and take steps to compete and beat them. In order to ensure providing better customer service, the management can also organize the necessary training and workshops for its customer care representatives.

FREE Customer Service Report Templates in EXCEL are Given Below

Company’s Customer Service Report Template

File Size: 09 KB

Fillable Customer Service Report Sample

File Size: 07 KB

Free Editable Annual Customer Service Performance Report

File Size: 08 KB

Official Customer Service Report Excel Template

File Size: 09 KB

Organization’s Customer Service Report Excel Sheet

File Size: 08 KB

Executive Customer Service Report Template

File Size: 10 KB

Detailed Customer Service Report Template in Excel

File Size: 11 KB

Basic Customer Service Estimate Report Template

File Size: 08 KB

Formal Customer Service Report Template in XLSX Format

File Size: 10 KB

Manufacturer’s Customer Service Report Template

File Size: 09 KB

Important Elements of a Simple yet Professional Customer Service Report

An effective and professional customer service report is one that is simple and easily understandable. In order to make it that way, one must prepare it using the proper professional format. An official customer service report must include all the details and information so as to help analyze all the statistics and to make effective decisions based on the provided information.

Being a customer support manager of an organization, one must know how to make or prepare a professional customer service report. As mentioned earlier, you can also opt for a pre-formatted customer service report template just like the templates provided on this page. However, if you want to prepare a customer service report from scratch, make sure to keep in mind the following important elements that must be included in your customer service report sample.


Mention the proper title of the customer service report at the top center of the report. The title must be written in big bold letters.


Mention the date on which the customer service report is actually prepared.


State the period for which the report is prepared i.e., whether it is an annual, monthly, or weekly customer service report.

Customer Details:

Include the names and addresses of the customers to whom the services had been provided in the period for which the report is being prepared.

Nature of Services:

State the nature or type of services that were provided to the customers during the period i.e., whether it was an after-sales service or a complaint resolution service.

Customer Responses and Feedback:

Include the responses and feedback of each and every customer to whom any kind of service had been provided. In order to collect this type of information, you must ask the customers to provide their feedback in any form like through social media pages, customer satisfaction forms, or by any other means, etc.

It might be possible that most of the customers don’t bother providing their responses but it is the duty of the customer care department of the organization to collect this data. A proper system must be devised so that you can effectively get customer feedback as it is one of the key elements of a customer service report.

Employee Records:

Keep proper track of the performances of the employees of the customer care department. It is quite important to keep daily track of records like how many customers were handled or attended to, the number of complaints that were registered and forwarded, the number of complaints that were actually resolved, etc.

Other Important Details:

Other important details which are crucial in preparing a customer service report include records like average response time, the average customer wait time or handle time, the average time to resolve each complaint, etc.

Final Remarks:

Just before the end, there must be some space for the remarks of the executive manager to whom the report is or will be presented to. However, it is not compulsory to leave space for remarks as such remarks can later be communicated separately by that same executive manager.


At the end of the report, leave space for the signatures of the person who prepared the report and the person to whom the report will be presented i.e., some executive manager.

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