22+ Simple Material List Templates [WORD, EXCEL, PDF]

Looking for ready-made and simple-to-use material list templates? If so then you can find a great collection of material list templates and samples right here on this page. Using these pre-formatted material list templates and samples can simply save a lot of your time and effort.

Furthermore, you will also find out what actually a material list is, what is its importance, the basic elements of a material list, and how to create one. So, scroll down and check out these important details as well as the material list formats and examples given below.

What is a Material List?

A material list is a simple sheet or document that contains the details of the material required for a particular purpose. This particular purpose could be a construction project, a scientific experiment, the production or manufacturing of a product, etc. There might be a great number of materials that are required for a particular project. In such a case, remembering the names of all the material items is almost impossible.

Apart from the names of the required materials, a material list also includes the quantities, prices, and many other details. All the materials or equipment that are required for the completion of any type of project are mentioned in the material list. A material list is also known as an equipment list. Both the documents are the same and serve the same purpose.

A document like a material list is most commonly used by construction companies, manufacturing facilities, or individual contractors. However, any type of business can use this document as per its needs. This article has some amazingly helpful material list templates and samples for your ease and convenience. The material list templates are available in editable as well as printable formats.

FREE Editable Material List Templates

Company’s Material List Template

File Size: 29 KB

Simple Material List Template Word

File Size: 23 KB

Material List Sheet Excel Template

File Size: 618 KB

Customizable Home Tool and Material List Template

File Size: 15 KB

Blank Material List Sample in EXCEL

File Size: 07 KB

Official Material List Word Template

File Size: 17 KB

Basic Material List Excel Sheet Example

File Size: 15 KB

Professional Material List Template in DOC Format

File Size: 10 KB

Detailed Material List Template in XLSX Format

File Size: 09 KB

Sample Material List Example MS WORD

File Size: 248 KB

Standard Material List Template in MS EXCEL

File Size: 256 KB

Importance of a Material List

In some business or official settings, a material list is really of great importance. It is just not only important to prepare a material list but it is also important to keep it updated. Here are some of the benefits of creating a material list that further explains the significance or importance of a material list:

  • A material list is one of the great tools that make the management of a project quite easy and simple.
  • It is just a simple list that requires minimal to no effort to prepare.
  • This simple document helps you to make sure that all the material or equipment that is actually required for the project is at your disposal. It is important so as to avoid any kind of delay or hindrance in the completion of the project.
  • It plays a vital part in keeping proper track of the material inventory. For example, it can be used to keep an up-to-date record of the number of material items that are:
    • purchased for the project
    • consumed, either during a specific period or in the completion of the project, and
    • left, not used, or consumed.
  • A material list also helps you in the preparation of the budget for a particular project. With the help of such a list, you can easily estimate the amount that will be required for the procurement of the required material items or equipment.
  • Having listed all the different types of material items that are required for a project, one can easily purchase all the required materials in bulk. This will also increase the likelihood of getting discounts from vendors or suppliers.
  • In a project, there might be a lot of material items involved, and remembering the names of every might be very difficult. In such a case, a material list always comes in handy.
  • In case an organization is running or managing multiple projects at the same time, a material list can prove to be of great help in managing all the material items for those projects.
  • If you are managing a project on behalf of a client, a material list can be prepared and presented to them. This will easily help them to get an idea of the total cost of the material required for the completion of that particular project.
  • A material list helps in managing and controlling the finances of a project.

FREE Printable Material List Templates

Descriptive Material List Template

File Size: 230 KB

Standard Package Material List Template

File Size: 60 KB

Garage Material / Description List Template in PDF

File Size: 862 KB

Miscellaneous Construction Material List Sheet

File Size: 69 KB

Non-Recycle Material List PDF Template

File Size: 124 KB

Detailed Material List Example

File Size: 37 KB

Sample Construction Supplies and Materials List

File Size: 788 KB

Printable Housekeeping Material List Template

File Size: 50 KB

Preschool Learning Program Guide Material List Example

File Size: 32 KB

Sample Job Material Quotation List PDF Template

File Size: 10 KB

Cleaning/Sanitation Material List Template

File Size: 110 KB

Childcare Centre Material/Equipment List Template

File Size: 209 KB

How to Create a Material List – Basic Elements

A material list must be created in a simple and easily understandable format. However, it is also important that it should be properly detailed and not miss any important item. If you want to know how to prepare a useful material list, make sure to include the following basic elements in it.

Name of the Project:

Write down the complete name of the project for which the material list is being made. Write the name at the top of the document. This is to indicate that the material list is for a specific project.


Write the date on which the material list is actually being made.

Details of Material Items:

Write down the full names, unit price, quantity, and the total amount of all the required material items in a properly organized way. You can add as many details to a material list as are required to be included.

Description of Material Items:

Though it is not compulsory, however, it can be quite helpful to add the description of each material item. It makes it easy to understand the use and purpose of a particular material item.


Depending upon the type of project and the materials that are required, add the categories or subcategories in your material list sample.

Name of the Vendor(s) or Supplier(s):

Whether it is a company or an individual, make sure to mention the name(s) of the vendor(s) or supplier(s).


The person preparing the material list must sign it to make it official.

Revise or Review the Material List:

Thoroughly revise or review the material list so as to check that no material item or equipment remains missing.

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