18+ Catering Contract Templates

An agreement entered into between catering services provider and a customer is known as catering contract where one party (caterer) is agree to provide catering services to another party (customer) for a particular event as per mentioned terms and conditions.  You can download multiple catering contract templates here. It is a legal document that shows relationship between caterer and a customer. It must be signed by both parties after reading and understanding all written terms and conditions in order to stay away from troubles in future. Catering contract templates are created by legal experts to assist people when they want to create such contracts for personal or corporate events. These catering contract templates are very useful.

Caterer is a professional individual person or company that provides foods and beverages services to their customers for different types of events and occasions. They generally prepare a document named catering contract in order to seal a deal with customer or client detailing duties and rights of both parties in written. Elements of the contract may include information on nature of the event, number of persons, date & time of the event, what food and drink will be served as well as how long catering services will be available etc. Specified sum of money may also be mentioned in the contract that the customer will pay to the caterer in exchange of services.

It is always better to have written record of a deal made with service provider or company that’s why experts always suggest to have a written and signed catering contract at place when there is need to avail catering services for an event. Thankfully MS word allows its users to create catering contracts on personal computer but making one from scratch can consume big amount of precious minutes. Make use of a ready-made catering contract template and save your minutes while drafting legal catering contracts.

Sample Catering Contract Templates:

In House Catering Contract Template:

Catering Company Agreement Template:

Food Truck Catering Agreement Template:

Special Event Catering Agreement Template:

BBQ Catering Contract Template:

Custom Catering Booking & Payment Contract Template:

Catering Information Contract Template:

General Contract for Catering:

Catering Agreement Template:

Hotel Catering Contract Template:

Catering Service Contract Template:

Banquet & Catering Function Contract Template:

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