50+ FREE Letterhead Formats & Templates in WORD

A letterhead is something that is required and used by almost all professionals. Whether it be a business, a non-profit organization, or an individual offering his/her services, everyone makes use of letterheads. In this article, we have 50+ free letterhead formats and templates available for you. All these letterhead templates have different designs and formats. All you have to do is just select a suitable one for you, click the download button, and the template is yours to use.

Check Some Letterhead Formats & Templates Below

Institute’s Letterhead Template

File Size: 214 KB

Elegant Company Letterhead Template

File Size: 109 KB

Construction Business Letterhead Template

File Size: 762 KB

Professional Letterhead Template in WORD

File Size: 407 KB

Educational Institute’s Letterhead Template

File Size: 495 KB

Free Attorney at Law’s Letterhead Format

File Size: 520 KB

Childcare Specialist’s Letterhead Word Template

File Size: 83 KB

Attractive Business Letterhead Design in MS WORD

File Size: 196 KB

Company’s Sample Letterhead Template

File Size: 148 KB

Agency’s Stylish Letterhead Design Template

File Size: 352 KB

Doctor’s Letterhead Example

File Size: 313 KB

School’s Letterhead Template in DOC Format

File Size: 02 MB

Special Letterhead Design for Attorney at Law

File Size: 562 KB

Graceful Letterhead Design Example

File Size: 142 KB

Classy Letterhead Sample in DOC Format

File Size: 681 KB

Lawyer’s Free Letterhead Online Template

File Size: 378 KB

IT Consultant’s Letterhead Template

File Size: 40 KB

Landscape Designer’s Letterhead Sample

File Size: 55 KB

What is a Letterhead?

To put it simply, a letterhead or a business letterhead is a print on any document of an organization that usually contains the organization’s details like its name, address, logo, etc. Every document like a letter, invoice, or bill of an organization is then drawn on that letterhead. This is done so as to make the document official and authentic. The business letterheads can have customized designs and styles depending upon the type of organization and the nature of its operations.

Some letterheads only include a header containing the name, address, and logo of the organization. However, some letterhead formats also include a footer where further details of the organization like contact information, social media links, website links, etc. are added. Some organizations also prefer including a brief mission statement in the footer section of the letterhead. Again, it totally depends upon what type of design and details you want to provide on your letterhead.

Letterheads are not only used by businesses or organizations. They are also be used by individuals and different types of firms offering different services. For example, most practicing doctors and lawyers use letterheads whether or not required by the law. Similarly, most consulting firms also make use of business letterheads whenever they issue any document or an invoice to their clients or anyone else.

Why Use Letterhead Formats and Templates?

Designing a letterhead can be a bit technical even if you opt for a minimalistic design. Not everyone knows how to design a business letterhead and that’s why many people opt for pre-formatted business letterhead templates and designs.

If you are someone looking for professional and elegant letterhead designs and formats, then you are at the right place. On this page, we have a handy collection of some modern, simple, and professionally designed letterhead formats and templates for you in Microsoft Word format. This will enable you to customize the color, formatting, fonts, and everything else as per your requirements and needs.

Just click the download button given in front of the preview image, download the word file, customize it, and use it as your letterhead.

Letterhead Examples in MS WORD

Free Editable Letterhead Example in WORD

File Size: 02 MB

Dental Clinic’s Letterhead Design Template

File Size: 25 KB

Small Business Letterhead Template

File Size: 203 KB

Beauty Salon’s Letterhead Template

File Size: 347 KB

Beauty Salon’s Stylish Letterhead Design

File Size: 619 KB

Marketing Analyst’s Letterhead Example

File Size: 69 KB

Basic Company Letterhead Template

File Size: 71 KB

Beauty Parlor’s Vibrant Letterhead Design

File Size: 357 KB

District Attorney’s Letterhead Word Template

File Size: 02 MB

Company’s Minimal Letterhead Template

File Size: 197 KB

Company’s Professional Style Letterhead Template

File Size: 41 KB

Golf Club’s Letterhead Design Example

File Size: 395 KB

Corporate Letterhead Template in MS WORD

File Size: 41 KB

Customizable Company Letterhead Template

File Size: 408 KB

Sophisticated Style Letterhead Template

File Size: 35 KB

Event Management Company’s Letterhead Design Sample

File Size: 106 KB

Company’s Official Letterhead Template

File Size: 710 KB

Beauty Salon’s Majestic Letterhead Design Example

File Size: 656 KB

Reasons for Using Letterheads

You might have thought why almost all businesses, professionals, and other types of organizations use letterheads. That is a question asked by many people. All correspondence and communication can be performed on a simple paper, then why bother printing a specifically designed paper? Below is a list of some reasons and benefits for which the organizations use letterheads.

  • It adds a proper official touch to all your correspondence and business documents. Think about an invoice generated on company letterhead and an invoice generated on a simple white paper. Which one would look more authentic and professional? Of course, the one on the company’s letterhead, right?
  • A letterhead helps you in promoting your brand and enhances the brand’s visibility and reach.
  • Meeting minutes are also recorded on business letterheads to make them more authentic.
  • Different contracts and agreements are also drafted on business letterheads to make them legally enforceable.
  • Invoices and bills are also issued on letterheads to ensure that the transaction is genuine.
  • A business letterhead also helps you advertise your business as it contains the business name and logo on it.
  • All the legal and other notices are also issued on the organization’s letterheads.
  • Doctors or medical practitioners use letterheads to issue prescriptions.
  • Letterheads also serve as a great marketing tactic as they help you imply a positive first impression on your prospects.
  • It highlights your professionalism and adds more credibility and reliability to your business.

More Letterhead Formats are Here

Free Editable Letterhead Design for Beauty Salon

File Size:689 KB

Modern Corporate Letterhead Example

File Size: 60 KB

Financial Consultant’s Letterhead Template

File Size: 18 KB

Online Business Letterhead Template in MS WORD

File Size: 468 KB

Medical Practitioner’s Letterhead Template

File Size: 156 KB

Adaptive Style Letterhead Format

File Size: 928 KB

Marketing Company’s Letterhead Template

File Size: 811 KB

Small Company’s Simple Letterhead Design

File Size: 02 MB

Company’s Modish Style Letterhead Word Template

File Size: 390 KB

Multinational Company’s Letterhead Design Template

File Size: 450 KB

Lawyer’s Letterhead Example in DOC Format

File Size: 625 KB

Auditor’s Letterhead Template in MS WORD

File Size: 719 KB

Tech Company’s Letterhead Design Example

File Size: 31 KB

Free Printable Letterhead Template

File Size: 975 KB

Beautiful Corporate Letterhead Template DOC

File Size: 17 KB

Tax Practitioner’s Letterhead Format

File Size: 368 KB

How to Create a Letterhead in MS WORD?

As mentioned earlier, you can always use the editable letterhead formats available here on this page. This will save a lot of your time and effort. However, if you want to design a letterhead from scratch, then you must know how to create it in MS Word. Follow these simple steps to create a professional letterhead design in the Microsoft Word program:

  • First of all, open the Microsft Word program on your computer.
  • Select the new document or blank document.
  • Insert the ‘Header’ to the document. This can be done either by clicking the ‘Header’ icon in the ‘Insert’ tab or by simply double-clicking at the top of your blank document.
  • Customize the header by adding the text to it. This usually includes the details like business name, address, contact details, etc. Adjust the font size, color, and style from the ‘Font and Paragraph’ section in the ‘Home’ tab on the toolbar.
  • After that add the ‘Business Logo’ in your ‘Header’ section. Click the ‘Pictures’ option and insert the logo of the organization. After that, hover the cursor over the logo to adjust its size.
  • Similarly, add other visual elements to your letterhead design that must be consistent with your brand and the nature of operations of your organization.
  • After that, add the ‘Footer’ to the document just like you inserted the ‘Header’ i.e., by clicking the ‘Footer’ icon in the ‘Insert’ tab or by double-clicking at the bottom of the page.
  • Then edit the footer by adding details like business tagline, website link, social media links, etc. Some organizations also add a brief mission statement in the footer section however, it is completely optional. You can customize it in any way you want.
  • After adding all the details, make sure to thoroughly review your letterhead design before finalizing it.
  • In the end, save the letterhead design to your computer.

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