25 FREE School Timetable Templates [WORD, EXCEL, PDF]

Every educational institute prepares a proper timetable for its students. Doing so helps the management of the school to manage all the activities smoothly. In this article, we will just discuss the school timetables. Also, we have got some amazingly helpful school timetable templates for your right here on this page. So, don’t forget to check out these free timetable samples.

What is a School Timetable?

A timetable simply indicates the sequence of all the activities that will happen or the events that will take place in a particular time period. As the name suggests, a school timetable is a simple sheet that indicates a schedule of different school activities on daily basis. This usually includes the school start time, timing of every class or period, interval or break time, and the school end or off time.

A properly prepared school timetable is an official document of every school. It must be prepared by every school so that it can manage all the daily activities with ease and without any problem or confusion. Preparing a school schedule tor timetable is beneficial for the students, teachers, and the management of the school.

If you want to prepare a school timetable or simply want to get an idea of how to prepare one, you can scroll down and take a look at the available school timetable templates. Some of these templates are available in editable (Word & Excel) formats and some are also available in printable (PDF) formats. Simply click the download button and the template is yours to use.

FREE Editable School Timetable Templates

Sample Weekly School Timetable Template

File Size: 507 KB

School Timetable Excel Template

File Size: 09 KB

Fillable School Timetable Format

File Size: 10 KB

Student School Timetable Template

File Size: 114 KB

Simple School Timetable Word Template

File Size: 15 KB

School’s Official Timetable Template

File Size: 68 KB

Typical School Timetable Template in XLSX Format

File Size: 09 KB

Basic School Class Timetable Template

File Size: 08 KB

Educational Institution’s Timetable Example Excel

File Size: 09 KB

Standard School Timetable Template MS WORD

File Size: 17 KB

Professional Weekly School Timetable Template

File Size: 12 KB

Blank School Timetable Sheet Template

File Size: 09 KB

School’s Timetable Template for Kids in Doc Format

File Size: 100 KB

How to Prepare an Ideal School Timetable?

While preparing a school timetable or a school schedule, one must have to keep in mind a lot of important details. There are some important elements that must be included in the timetable at any cost. If you want to know how to prepare a perfect school timetable, make sure to keep in mind the given below useful tips and include the following details in it:

Type of Timetable:

Before preparing a timetable for school, it must be decided what type of timetable is required to be prepared. You must decide what type of timetable actually works for your institution i.e., whether you wish to create a class-wise, teacher-wise, or a consolidated timetable.

Type of School:

Prepare a school timetable according to the type of school i.e., whether it is a school only for single-gender, a co-education school, or a school for special children. Keeping this in mind might cause some minor changes in the details of your timetable sample.

List & Tasks:

This includes the list of all the classes, the rooms, and the list of subjects. Write down the tasks that are intended to be performed in a day at the school. The tasks include all the curricular as well as the extracurricular activities.


Timing is the most important element when it comes to preparing a school timetable. Assign or allocate enough time to all the activities (periods and breaks or intervals). It is always important to provide enough break time for the students to relax.


An ideal timetable is one that is flexible and easy to follow.

Assessing the Difficulty, Curriculum, and Significance of the Subjects:

While preparing a school timetable, it is very important to keep in mind the difficulty and significance of each and every subject. If a subject is comparatively difficult, it must be assigned some more time. Similarly, if a certain subject is comparatively lengthy in nature, it must also be assigned some more time. So, it is quite important to keep in mind some of these important details.

Responsibilities of Teachers:

A perfect school timetable is one in which all the teachers are assigned almost equal responsibilities. While preparing a school timetable, not a single or two, or three teachers must be burdened with all the responsibilities of the school. All the responsibilities must be equally assigned or given to all the teachers of the school.

Review the Timetable:

Before finalizing and printing the school timetable, make sure to review it thoroughly. Look for any important details or information that is required to be included in the timetable. It is also beneficial to get the draft timetable reviewed by some senior, like a Dean or a Principal, a Head of a Department, or a senior teacher.

Regulatory Authority:

A school timetable must be prepared as per the guidance or instructions of the relevant regulatory authority like the department of education or an education board.

FREE Printable School Timetable Templates

School Study Weekly Timetable Template

File Size: 37 KB

Free Printable Weekly Academic Timetable Template

File Size: 60 KB

University’s Student Development Weekly Timetable PDF Template

File Size: 21 KB

Official Dance School Timetable Sample

File Size: 338 KB

School Period Wise Timetable Template Printable

File Size: 81 KB

Special Class & Session Timetable Template

File Size: 122 KB

School Class Schedule Example PDF

File Size: 07 KB

Elementary School Timetable Template

File Size: 800 KB

School Summer Camp Class Timetable Sample

File Size: 90 KB

High School’s Routine Timetable Template

File Size: 177 KB

Special School Timetable Template in PDF Format

File Size: 114 KB

Middle School Weekly Timetable Template

File Size: 150 KB

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