4+ Free No Objection Certificate Formats

No objection certificate or NOC is a legal document usually issued by an organization, company, business setting, employer, legal authorities or an agency to an individual person or entity. You can download multiple free no objection certificate templates at this page. Purpose of the NOC is that issuing authorities have no objection in carrying out a particular activity or action. For example, when an employee wants to work at another workplace as part time job, the new employer or company may ask him or her to bring no objection certificate from current employer to start the work properly. In such NOC, employer officially states that he or she has no objection and allowing the employee to work at another place. We do hope that you will like these no objection certificate templates.

No objection certificates are prepared for variety of circumstances and reasons. The certificate is only issued to an individual after getting written formal request for it. For instance, as a contractor or property owner when you want clearance from a government department or any other entity to start a new construction project, you will need to write a request for no objection certificate in order to obtain one from concerned department or entity. NOC formats are accessible on internet to design and print free no objection certificates for different purposes.

NOCs or no objection certificates are widely used in employment process, immigration and many other general litigation matters. If making a no objection certificate is one of your duties, then you should have a no objection certificate format at place to make one including all essential details and information. Below we have collection of NOC formats that can be used for various industries, organizations and agencies to create no objection certificates. Sample no objection letters are also included in collection of no objection certificate formats for ease of users. No objection certificates templates are also available in portable document format (PDF).

Free No Objection Certificate Formats:

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