20+ Professional Service Level Agreement (SLA) Templates

Do you want to know what a service level agreement (SLA) is and looking for some free service level agreement templates? If so, then you are at the right place because here in this article, we will tell you what a service level agreement is. We also got a useful collection of service level agreement templates for you on this page. These templates are available both in MS Word and PDF formats for your convenience and ease.

What is a Service Level Agreement?

A service level agreement (SLA) is a legally binding agreement between a service provider and a service user or customer. The basic purpose of such an agreement is to ensure quality services provided by the vendors. By entering into this type of agreement, the service provider retains its credibility and ensures the provision of high-quality services to its customers.

A service level agreement can be used both as a standalone agreement or as a part of an agreement. Whatever the case might be, it is a legally enforceable contract between two or more parties. The presence of a service level agreement protects the interests of all the parties involved in the agreement. The contents of an SLA may vary depending upon the service provider, the customer, or the industry.

Scroll down and check out some professional service level agreement templates and samples provided here on this page.

Check Service Level Agreement Templates in WORD Below

IT Department Service Level Agreement Template

File Size: 74 KB

Government Service Level Agreement Template in WORD

File Size: 66 KB

High Profile Service Level Agreement Template

File Size: 91 KB

Service Level Agreement Template in DOC Format

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Customer Service Level Agreement Template

File Size: 19 KB

Official Service Level Agreement Template

File Size: 100 KB

Example Service Level Agreement Template

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Business Service Level Agreement Sample DOC

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Formal Service Level Agreement Template

File Size: 66 KB

Organization’s Service Level Agreement Template

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Types of Service Level Agreements

There are mainly three most common types of service level agreements. These are:

1- Internal Service Level Agreement:

Internal service level agreements are created only for the organization’s internal parties or internal stakeholders. This could be a department requiring services from another department within the same organization. There might not be much need for this agreement but large organizations prefer using the internal service level agreements whenever a department requires the services of another department. This is to ensure consistency and proper record keeping.

2- Customer Service Level Agreement:

As the name suggests, a customer service level agreement is the one that is used in case the services are provided to someone outside the organization i.e., customer or client. This type of agreement ensures the provision of a specific level of services to the customer in the return for some consideration, usually a sum of money. As mentioned earlier, this is important to protect the interests of all parties involved in any such agreement.

3- Multilevel Service Level Agreement:

Multilevel service level agreements involve the provision of services at different levels. Such types of agreements can be used to provide services both to the customers and the internal departments of the organization. Multilevel SLAs can be used at corporate, customer, and service levels.

  • Service level: At the service level, the agreement involves the aspects that can be attributed to a particular service relevant to a specific group of customers.
  • Customer level: This includes the provision of services to different groups of customers. For example, a company would require more security for one of its departments as compared to other departments. In this type of agreement, different services are required to be provided to a customer at different levels.
  • Corporate level: In this type of multilevel SLA, all the aspects of the agreement are discussed and applied to all customers of the client organization. The aspects of this type of SLA are not subject to immediate or frequent changes, they are not required to be updated often.

Examples of Service Level Agreements

If you are still confused or do not fully understand the concept of a service level agreement, the following examples will help you understand this easily:

  • HR Service Level Agreement: As it is obvious from the name, an HR SLA is used by the HR of an organization. For example, the HR department of an organization might require an SLA to explain the services they provide and the quality of their services.
  • Maintenance Service Level Agreement: Used by a company or an agency providing maintenance services to clients or customers. Along with other details, this agreement usually includes the scope of the service provider’s work, duration, amount of fee, response time, etc.
  • Security Service Level Agreement: Most commonly used by security agencies or companies. This agreement typically includes the specific areas that require more security, the scope of work, or the method of providing the security (usually provided with cloud computing servers).
  • Training Service Level Agreement: As the name suggests, training SLA is used by training consultants or training agencies. This includes the type of training to be provided, the duration, the amount of fee, the department of the client organization to whom such training be provided, and many other details.
  • Marketing Service Level Agreement: This type of SLA is used by marketing or advertising organization that provides promotional or marketing services to their clients.

Check Service Level Agreement Templates in PDF Below

Technical Support Service Level Agreement Template

File Size: 117 KB

Recruitment Service Level Agreement Template Printable

File Size: 122 KB

Service Level Agreement Template for Nursing

File Size: 203 KB

Website Development Service Level Agreement Example

File Size: 184 KB

University HR Department Service Level Agreement Sample

File Size: 209 KB

Simple Service Level Agreement Draft Document

File Size: 205 KB

Business Service Level Agreement Template PDF

File Size: 190 KB

Professional Service Level Agreement Template

File Size: 207 KB

Supplier’s Quality Service Level Agreement Template

File Size: 733 KB

Sample Service Level Agreement Format

File Size: 256 KB

Marketing and Communications Service Level Agreement Template

File Size: 174 KB

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