5+ Business Travel Audit Report Templates

You can download multiple business travel audit report templates here. Business travel audit report is a document issued by auditors or senior accountant of the company or business to verify that whether all travel expenses made by the company are productive or non productive. Business travel audit report template can be used to prepare this important business document when you don’t have sufficient knowledge and guidance about its making. This MS excel based template can be used by all business settings and companies after making some necessary changes like name of the business, particular period of time of the report and date of making etc. You will find these business travel audit report templates very helpful.

Expense audit is the process used by business organizations to confirm that whether all expenses made in a specific period of time are for benefits of the business or not. It helps a business or company a lot to eliminate unproductive expenses in order to maximize percentage of profit. If you are responsible person to prepare business travel audit report for your company then carefully examine all travel expense reimbursement forms, slips and invoices. After that, prepare a detailed report about overall business traveling expenses in professional manner so your employer can see required data at a glance.

Generally business travel audit reports are prepared at the end of year. However, companies can also make such reports on monthly, quarterly or half yearly basis. Apart from the nature and size of your company or business, you can get advantages from these below provided business travel audit report templates to finish an audit report for business travel quickly. If you really want to prevent misuse of business traveling funds then feel free to download business travel audit report template from here and stay updated about business traveling costs accurately.

Find Business Travel Audit Report Templates:

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