28+ Editable Stock Report Templates in EXCEL

A useful collection of editable stock report templates is available here on this page that anyone can use completely for free. All these stock report templates are available in Microsoft Excel format as excel workbooks or worksheets. One can simply download the template of their choice, add their details or information to it, and use it as per their own requirement. So make sure to scroll down and check out the given below editable stock report templates.

What is a Stock Report?

A stock report is a simple report about the stock or inventory belonging to an organization. The stock is the asset of an organization which comprises different things like materials, store items, equipment, and different other items. A stock report also referred to as an inventory report, is a key report that helps you analyze the quantity and conditions of the stock items of a business.

A stock report is an important report of a business. Such a report helps you to maintain updated financial records of the inventory. These records from the stock report are then used in the preparation of financial statements of the business and the figure of ‘closing stock’ is then recorded in the financial statements. Such a report is necessarily required to maintain the latest and most accurate inventory records.

A stock report helps you manage your inventory items with ease. By having a look at the properly maintained and prepared stock report, one can easily analyze the situation of the inventory. With the help of such a report, you can easily match your records with the actual physical stock or inventory that you have at the moment. Any discrepancies that may arise as a result can easily be resolved. That’s why inventory managers rely on stock reports. Such reports are most likely to be prepared on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

Official Stock Report Templates

Printable Stock Report Template

File Size: 349 KB

Inventory Audit Report Template

File Size: 350 KB

Daily Stock Report Template

File Size: 09 KB

Sample Stock Report Template

File Size: 348 KB

Stock Damage Report Template

File Size: 335 KB

Daily Stock Report Format

File Size: 13 KB

Sample Stock Report Excel Template

File Size: 14 KB

Company’s Stock Report Sheet Sample

File Size: 08 KB

Manufacturers’ Simple Stock Report Template in MS WORD

File Size: 18 KB

Food Stock Report Template Online

File Size: 329 KB

Printable Annual Stock Report Template

File Size: 342 KB

Excel Weekly Stock Report Template

File Size: 350 KB

Restaurant Daily Food Stock Workbook

File Size: 15 KB

Simple Food Stock Report Template

File Size: 12 KB

Stock Discrepancy Report Template

File Size: 304 KB

Basic Contents of a Stock Report

A stock report is prepared for almost all types of businesses. Not only it is prepared for a manufacturing business, but it can also be prepared for many other businesses like the restaurant business. Almost every business has some kind of stock or inventory so a stock report is prepared depending on the type of business and nature of its operations. Whatever the case might be, if you are in a position where you have to prepare a stock report, make sure to know some basic contents of a stock report mentioned below:

  • Item Name: The name of the stock or inventory item.
  • Item Code Number: This is the distinct code number of each inventory item.
  • Average Order Value (AOV): This is the average amount a customer spends each time they place an order. This can be calculated by dividing the total amount of revenue from an inventory item by the total number of orders of that item.
  • Description: A brief description of every item of the stock.
  • Opening stock: The number of units of each item that were previously held.
  • Date of Last Order: The date when the last orders for each item were placed.
  • Per Unit Price: This is the cost price for each unit of an inventory item.
  • Units Sold: The number of units of an inventory item that were sold during the period of the stock report.
  • Units Purchased: The number of units of an inventory item that were purchased during the period of the stock report.
  • Closing Stock: The remaining number of units of each inventory item held by the organization at the end of the period of the stock report.
  • Value of each item: This is the value of each item of the stock that can be calculated by multiplying the per unit price with the number of units of each inventory item. This way the amount of closing inventory for each stock item can be calculated.
  • Reorder Point: Also referred to as the ‘Reorder Level’, it is the point or level in numbers where you automatically reorder the inventory item. To put it simply, a point in number is set for each inventory item that when reached, the order for that inventory item is placed automatically.
  • Reorder Quantity: This is the quantity of each inventory item that is to be reordered.
  • Location: The specific physical location of each inventory item where it is placed i.e., the area, department, floor, room, shelf, etc.
  • Manufacturer: Name of the manufacturers of each stock item.
  • Condition: The condition refers to the wear and tear of an item or the remaining period of its service.
  • Total Value of Inventory: This value is calculated by adding up the value of all the stock items.
  • Period: Mention the period and dates for which such a stock report is prepared. If a daily stock report is prepared, mention the day and date. If the stock report is weekly, monthly, or quarterly, mention the start and end dates.
  • Signatures: The person who prepares the stock report and the one to whom such a report is presented to shall sign the report.

Check Out Some More Stock Report Templates

Simple Stock Report Sheet Example

File Size: 338 KB

Company’s Daily Stock Report Template

File Size: 08 KB

Sample Stock Aging Report Template

File Size: 340KB

Stock Summary Report Template in XLSX Format

File Size: 332 KB

Equipment Stock List Template

File Size: 12 KB

Organization’s Monthly Stock Report Template

File Size: 08 KB

Product Stock Usage Report Template

File Size: 304 KB

Official Annual Stock Summary Report Template

File Size: 09 KB

Blank Stock Report Template of a Company

File Size: 10 KB

Business Weekly Stock Summary Report Template

File Size: 08 KB

Free Customizable Stock Summary Report Template

File Size: 10 KB

Stock Control Report Template in MS EXCEL

File Size: 14 KB

Detailed Stock Report Sheet Example

File Size: 17 KB

Corporate Stock Report Template EXCEL

File Size: 08 KB

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