7+ Free Price Quotation Templates

Price quotation is a document generated by seller or services provider to let prospective customers know about price range before making a final decision about purchases. Price quotation templates are commonly used by individual sellers, small companies and freelancers to create professional looking quotations for free. Quotation is considered as very first step to secure a sales deal or transaction because it shows all necessary details about products or services that customer is interested to purchase along with estimated price or costs. You can use our free price quotation templates to generate print friendly quotations for your customers.

In this age of huge competition, customers always wish to purchase high quality products or services without spending big part of personal or professional budget. Customers often ask sellers and suppliers for price quotations in order to have an idea about cost or price of goods they are going to purchase. It help them to pick up suitable vendor or seller with reasonable price range. Large companies and business organizations use expensive computer programs and software for generating price quotations electronically. Hence, an individual seller or small business can use price quotation template to make and print quotations on computer.

Quotation may include description of goods or services that customer want to purchase, price that you have decided to charge for the services or goods, payment terms, validity of quotation and other business information etc. When a customer will accept the quotation with all mentioned terms and conditions, it becomes a sales agreement and the seller will legally be responsible to provide or sell goods/services as mentioned. If you wish to design professional looking price quotations for customers in short time, then you are advised to make use of price quotation templates or price quote templates to do so.

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Price Quote Templates:

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