6+ Cash Payment Receipt Templates

When you receive payments from customers and clients in cash, you must provide them professional looking cash payment receipts as written proof of payments received. You can download different cash payment receipt templates in this page.  It is a commercial document showing that payment of goods, services or materials have been paid by customer and now he or she is no more liable for the transaction made with the company or seller. Such receipts are not only used by sellers and companies even a bank or any other financial institution may also issue receipt for cash payment to a customer after receiving cash for loan payment. All these cash payment receipt templates are free for personal use.

Information and details in cash payment receipt could be date, receipt number, name of the customer or client, value of cash payment , purpose of the payment and amount due if any etc. Generally such receipts are used by sellers, vendors and companies when they receive payments from customers for specific sales transactions and deals. Receipt of cash payment is good for record keeping and both parties can show it to settle a dispute or misunderstanding regarding a particular transaction. We suggest you to download and utilize free cash payment receipt template to generate such receipts for your customers and clients.

If there is no sufficient budget to buy an expensive software or computer program to make cash receipts, use of the cash payment receipt template is an ideal option for you to carry out your job perfectly. It sounds like a cost effective way to make and print custom cash payment receipts on personal computer. By doing this, you will be able to keep good record of cash payment receipts in your computer as well as in hard copy format. Go below to view the collection of cash payment receipt templates and choose an apt one according to your business needs and requirements.

Cash Payment Receipt Templates:

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