15+ Free Pay Stub Templates

Your employees will definitely want to know that how you are compensating their efforts made at workplace so you should attach detailed pay stubs with paychecks that you pay them at the end of month.  You can download dozens of pay stub templates here free. Pay stub is an informational slip or document issued by accounting department of the company or employer to indicate details about employee salary payment like number of hours worked by employee, total amount of salary earned, deductions made by employer like taxes, insurance and gratuity etc and salary that employee will get after deductions. Free pay stub templates can help you to make pay stubs easily. These pay stub templates are available in Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF formats.

Paycheck stub and pay stub are two different names of the same business document which is usually sent to employees with their paychecks. They can have all salary related details on pay stub to check that whether the employer or company is paying them precisely or not as per hours spent at workplace or in office. If you are getting your salary in your account via direct deposit method, then you should ask the concerned department to send the pay stub via email or any other source of communication.

Pay stub is not a financial instrument that allows an employee to collect salary but it shows all possible payment details that he or she may need to know for salary record keeping purpose. As a new employer or business owner you may face troubles to prepare pay stubs for your employees from scratch but use of pay stub template is the simple way to make them easily and quickly. Following free pay stub templates will automatically calculate totals for you. Use of such professionally made templates for pay stub eliminates human errors and mistakes while managing business accounts and salaries of employees.

There Are Free Pay Stub Templates




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