18+ Practical Proforma Invoice Templates [WORD, EXCEL]

A proforma invoice is a document that is typically used by big businesses, especially by exporters. It is a document that is often required for foreign shipping or export of goods or commodities. That is why exporters mostly use pre-formatted proforma invoice templates.

What is a Proforma Invoice?

A proforma invoice or a proforma invoice template is a document that exporters or any other sellers send to their customers outlining the details of goods or commodities they are sending in a shipment. It can be taken as a mere declaration or considered as a quotation of goods that are being shipped or delivered to the customer before the customer actually receives any such goods.

A proforma invoice sample includes all the pricing and other relevant details of the goods. Such a document is a legal requirement for all sorts of invoices. It is mostly used in export business where a proforma invoice is required by the customs department of the country to which the goods are actually exported. However, a proforma invoice is a different document from a commercial invoice.

Proforma Invoice vs Commerical Invoice

Though it may seem like or include some common details, a proforma invoice is somewhat different from a commercial invoice. As mentioned earlier, a proforma invoice is issued by the seller as a declaration or quotation of the goods that they have actually delivered or exported to the buyer before the shipment actually reaches the buyer. The buyer or customer is not obliged to make payment on the basis of a proforma invoice document.

On the other hand, a commercial invoice or an invoice is a document that the seller actually issues to the buyer or customer for the purpose of demanding payment for the goods or commodities delivered by him to the customer. A commercial invoice and proforma invoice may include somewhat alike details and information but the commercial invoice acts as a legal document for demanding the payment. Moreover, a commercial invoice is actually issued to the customer after they have actually received the delivered goods.

In this article, we have added 18+ practical proforma invoice templates for your convenience and understanding of the document.

Proforma Invoice Templates WORD

Professional Proforma Invoice Template

File Size: 16 KB

Proforma Invoice Template for Agent Commissions

File Size: 718 KB

Company’s Proforma Invoice Template

File Size: 29 KB

Standard Proforma Invoice WORD Template

File Size: 76 KB

Simple Proforma Invoice Template

File Size: 6 KB

Online Proforma Invoice Template

File Size: 74 KB

Common Proforma Invoice Template WORD

File Size: 13 KB

Blank Proforma Invoice Template

File Size: 7 KB

Special Proforma Invoice Template DOC Format

File Size: 25 KB

Fillable Proforma Invoice Template

File Size: 26 KB

Sample Proforma Invoice Template MS WORD Format

File Size: 8 KB

How to Create a Proforma Invoice

A proforma invoice template is one of the important documents as it is a sort of blueprint of the whole transaction or agreement between a seller and a buyer. So, it is very important to create one in a professional manner. The proforma invoice templates provided on this page can be very helpful for you to use but if you want to know how to make or create a proforma invoice from scratch, then make sure to include the relevant important details and information in your document. These important details are described below:

  • Header: The very first thing of a proforma invoice sample or any other official document is the header. The header of your invoice sample should include:
    • Mention the title of the document as “Proforma Invoice” so that it becomes easy to understand the basic purpose of the document.
    • Business name and business logo so as to make your invoice recognizable.
    • A proforma invoice must be drafted or created on company letterhead.
    • Important contact details of your business like mailing address, telephone number(s), email address, website link.
  • Invoice Number: The correct number of the proforma invoice as it will be used for reference in your and your customer’s accounting records.
  • Date: A proforma invoice template must also include the date on which any such invoice is prepared, the date it was requested, and the date on which any such invoice will be expired.
  • Customer’s Information: Your proforma invoice should also include the customer’s important information like the business name or name of the customer, mailing address, contact number, email address, etc.
  • Shipment Details: This section usually includes the mode of transportation (air, train, ship, etc.), number of packages, boxes, cartons, and the total weight of the shipment.
  • Price Details: In this section, you should mention the price details by itemizing or breaking down the prices for each of the products. Mention a short description of the product, number of units or quantity, per unit price, and total price of that product.
  • Reason for Export: As the proforma invoices are mostly used in exports, it is also important to mention the reason for exporting the goods or products. You should clearly indicate whether the goods or products are exported for sale, repair, sample, or, return.
  • Tax and Shipping Charges: It is very important that your proforma invoice template must include all the relevant details regarding tax, shipping and handling charges, any customs charges and duties levied. Make sure that all of this information must be clearly and correctly mentioned in your proforma invoice sample.
  • Footer: The footer of the proforma invoice template should include other important details like any guarantees, warranties, return policies, etc.
  • Additional Information: If the proforma invoice is used for international trade, it should include other additional details like customer’s reference number, date of inquiry, price of each item (in seller’s country unit), insurance of the shipment, point of delivery, shipping and customs charges, expected date of shipping from the port or airport.

Proforma Invoice Templates EXCEL

Model Company’s Proforma Invoice Template

File Size: 98 KB

Best Proforma Invoice Template

File Size: 23 KB

Official Proforma Invoice Template EXCEL

File Size: 28 KB

Seller’s Proforma Invoice Template Free

File Size: 60 KB

Elemental Proforma Invoice Outline Template

File Size: 4 KB

Special Proforma Invoice EXCEL Template

File Size: 25 KB

Exporter’s Detailed Proforma Invoice Template

File Size: 8 KB

Corporate Proforma Invoice Template

File Size: 15 KB

Free Online Proforma Invoice Template XLSX Format

File Size: 11 KB

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