22+ Practical Sales Report Templates [EXCEL & WORD]

The ultimate objective of any business organization is to increase its revenue or sales so as to maximize its profits. Usually, the sales managers are responsible for the excellent or poor performance of the sales team. So, to timely evaluate and report the performance of their sales teams, sales managers have to make and present sales reports quite often, and for that purpose, sales managers also prefer using sales report templates.

This article is loaded with 22+ sample sales report templates that can be quite helpful for you. Some of these templates are available in the Microsoft Word program and some in Microsoft Excel. You can download any of the given below sales report templates, edit their contents and details, and easily use them according to your requirements.

What is a Sales Report?

A sales report is a formal document that shows the overall sales and sales activities of an organization within a defined period. A sales report provides in-depth knowledge of the sales trends and patterns and enables the sales managers and sales teams to set more realistic and achievable targets and improve their performance. It is an important tool that plays a vital part in increasing the revenues of an organization.

A sales report can be prepared on a daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual, or annual basis. A basic sales report provides key information to its users like a comparison of actual and forecasted sales, a comparison of current sales with previous sales, any new deals closed, or clients or customers added, new leads generated, sales performance, sales development, etc. Such key information provided in a sales report document enables the sales team to put their efforts and hard work in the right direction.

A sales report template enables the organization to explore new potential markets. Moreover, it also helps to keep track of the individual salesperson as well as the performance of a sales team. With the help of such a report, the sales managers can easily analyze who is performing great, whose performance has improved, and who needs attention. This way, the overall performance of each and every individual increases which ultimately results in the overall growth and development of the organization.

Sales Report Templates WORD

Monthly Sales Report Template

File Size: 24 KB

Daily Sales Report Template of a Gas Station

File Size: 15 KB

Blank Daily Sales Report Template Word

File Size: 5 KB

Sales Reporting Format Template

File Size: 9 KB

Weekly Sales Activity Report Template

File Size: 8 KB

Company’s Monthly Sales Report Word Template

File Size: 40 KB

Editable Weekly Sales Report Template

File Size: 7 KB

Detailed Sales Report Template

File Size: 15 KB

Standard Sales Report Template

File Size: 14 KB

Quarterly Sales Report Template MS WORD

File Size: 32 KB

Quarterly Sunday Sales Report Template

File Size: 22 KB

Mart Monthly Sales Report Template

File Size: 13 KB

How to Make a Sales Report – Some Useful Tips

The editable sales report templates provided for you in this article can easily help you understand the significance and importance of this document. As mentioned earlier, one can easily download and use any of the given sales report templates for personal purposes. Using these pre-made templates can save a lot of your time and effort. However, if you still want to know how to make a sales report and want to make a sales report template of your own, from scratch, then make sure to follow the given-below useful tips:

  • Audience: Before writing or drafting a sales report, you should clearly know about your audience i.e., who will read or use the sales report. Defining your audience is very important as the format or layout of a sales report for a specific audience may vary from writing it for a general audience.
  • Scope: As with any other formal report, the scope of the sales report must be clearly defined. To put it simply, the sales report must answer the basic questions of why, what, who, etc.
  • Time Period: A sales report must clearly indicate or define the time period for which it is being made or drafted i.e., whether it is a daily, weekly, or monthly sales report.
  • Objectives: Make sure to define what objectives you actually want to achieve by making a sales report. For example, whether you are just drafting a monthly sales report to analyze the performance of your sales team and analyze the monthly sales objectives or you are making a sales report so as to share the monthly sales progress and sales development with the executive management. So it is very important that you should be clear in your mind about what goals or objectives you actually want to achieve via a sales report.
  • Data Collection: The effectiveness of a sales report depends a lot on the data that is used or being used in preparing the sales report. Make sure to collect the right data for making a sales report as collecting and using the wrong data will definitely have worse impacts on the sales performance.
  • Providing the Context or Background: It is very important to keep in mind that while making a sales report, only including the numerical data, figures or statistics is not enough. You also have to explain or provide some context or background of the whole situation for example, if the actual monthly sales for a specific month are significantly less than the sales forecast or previous month’s sales, then you should write about why it actually happened or what factors were involved, etc.
  • Communicating the Results or Findings: Another important part of a sales report is that once you have analyzed and extracted the results from the available information or data, then you have to flawlessly communicate your findings to your audience. You must be able to convey this information in an effective way. For this purpose, make sure to make your sales report catchy and attractive for the readers or stakeholders.
  • Cross Verification of Data: Before finalizing your sales report, it is good to cross-verify or cross-check the data or information once again, that you are using in your sales report.

Sales Report Templates Excel

Monthly Sales Report/Forecast Template

File Size: 5 KB

Offical Daily Sales Report Template

File Size: 8 KB

Company’s Professional Sales Report Template

File Size: 206 KB

Annual Sales Report Template Excel

File Size: 8 KB

Organization’s Weekly Sales Report Template

File Size: 7 KB

Online Sales Report Maker Template

File Size: 7 KB

Firm’s Annual Sales Report Excel Template

File Size: 8 KB

Executive Sales Report Template

File Size: 33 KB

Example Weekly Sales Report Template

File Size: 30 KB

Sample Weekly Sales Activity Template

File Size: 19 KB

Sales Report Template

File Size: 26 KB

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