25 Practical Room Rental Agreement Templates [WORD & PDF]

Thinking of renting a room in your house or a room from some other property of yours? If so then you must be aware of the legalities and the legal practices involved. For that purpose, the most important thing to do is to draft a room rental agreement. For your understanding and convenience, we have provided some best quality room rental agreement templates in this article. But first of all, it is quite important to know what a room rental agreement actually is.

What is a Room Rental Agreement Template

A room rental agreement or a room rental agreement template is an official legal agreement between the owner of the property (room) and the tenant. It is a legal contract that binds both the parties involved to duly perform their respective duties and responsibilities. Once the parties enter into an agreement, they are bound by law to perform their obligations in accordance with the said agreement, and the failure to do so, on part of any party, will lead to the termination of such agreement.

A room rental agreement is also sometimes referred to as a room lease agreement. Whenever you are renting a room of your house or of any other property you own, it is for your own safety that you should draw a room rental agreement between yourself and the tenant. The presence of a written room rental agreement sample enables you to take any legal actions against the tenant or tenants in case they breach the contract or otherwise they misbehave or cause you any trouble. A room rental agreement clearly states all the relevant terms and conditions of a tenancy agreement.

As mentioned earlier, in this article we have provided 25 practical room rental agreement templates for your convenience and understanding. So don’t forget to check out the given below editable and printable room rental agreement samples and formats.

Editable Room Rental Agreement Templates

This section of the article includes only the editable room rental agreement templates. All of the given below templates are in MS Word format which means you can easily download and edit the contents of the room rental agreement template according to your choice or requirement. Check out these given below editable room rental agreement templates.

Sample Room Rental Agreement Template

Fillable Room Rental Agreement Template

Special Room Rental Agreement Template

Rental Agreement for a Room Template

Example Room Rental Agreement Template

Meeting Room Rental Agreement Template

Detailed Room Rental Agreement Template

Real Estate Company’s Room Rental Agreement Template

Community Room Rental Agreement Template

Room Rental Agreement Format Template

Simple Room Rental Agreement Template

Elemental Room Rental Agreement Template

Parties Room Rental Agreement Template

Room Rental Agreement Outline Template

Room Only Accomodation Agreement Template

Room Rental Agreement Sample Template

Furnished/Unfurnished Room Rental Agreement Template

Month to Month Room Rental Agreement Template

Rental Agreement for Rooms in Private Homes Template

How to Write or Draft a Room Rental Agreement Template – 12 Key Elements

Whenever you feel the need to draw a room rental agreement, make sure to include and explain all the details and the relevant terms and conditions of any such tenancy agreement. If you want to draft a room rental agreement template from scratch and want to know how to write such an agreement, then keep in mind to include the given below 12 key elements in your room rental agreement sample.

Name and Other Details of the Owner:

Include the name of the owner who is renting out the property. Keep in mind to mention the name of the person who is actually the legal owner of the property. Also include other details of the owner like address, contact number, driving license, social security number, etc.

Name(s) and Other Details of the Tenant(s):

Similarly, include the name(s) and other details of the tenant(s), in case you rent out the room to one or more persons. Other details of the tenant(s) include the contact number, driving license number, social security number, etc.

Terms and Conditions of the Tenancy:

Clearly state and explain all the relevant terms and conditions of the room rental agreement. This includes the terms of tenancy which means whether it is a short-term or a long-term room rental agreement. State the duration for which you intend to rent out the room, any reasonable restrictions, and the grounds of termination of the said agreement. You can also include any other terms and conditions but make sure that any such terms and conditions must be reasonable.


A statement must be added in the room rental agreement that the room shall only be occupied by the person or persons whose name(s) appear on the agreement. This will ensure that no person(s) other than those whose names were mentioned as the tenant(s), will stay in the property. Being an owner, you can also add some other limitations like the time after which the lights will be off, etc.

Amount of Rent:

Clearly mention the amount of monthly rent that the tenant(s) will be obliged to pay to the owner of the property. Mention the amount in your local currency and state it in numbers as well as in words so that there is no ambiguity. Also, specify the date by which the payment must be made and the mode of payment.

Amount Security Deposits:

State the amount of security deposits that the tenant must pay to the owner at the time of commencement of the tenancy agreement. Also mention how any such amount will be used and how it will be returned to the tenant.

Repairs and Maintenance:

In your room rental agreement template, explain who will be responsible for the repairs and maintenance of the property. In some cases, minor repairs and maintenance are the responsibility of the tenant whereas any major repairs or renovations are the responsibility of the owner. So both the parties must discuss, agree and state their agreement or settlement on account of repairs and maintenance, in the room rental agreement.

Payment for the Utlities:

In your agreement, clearly highlight who will be responsible to pay the utility bills of the property like the electricity, gas, and water bills. Also if the tenants are allowed to use a common internet, then state how the internet bill is intended to be shared or divided.

Owner’s Access to the Property:

In the room rental agreement, it is very important to state the conditions or circumstances in which the owner is allowed to enter the room. There may be some instances where the owner might have to enter the room so state all of the conditions related to the owner’s access to the property in order to avoid any problems or issues in the future.


The owner must clearly explain all the reasonable restrictions in the room rental agreement. Restrictions like carrying out any illegal activities, smoking and drinking on the premises, arranging parties, etc. Whatever the reasonable restrictions you want to impose as the owner of the property, mention them in your room rental agreement template. Also, explain that carrying out any such activities might lead to the termination of the tenancy as well.


Explain whether the tenant(s) are allowed to use the parking area and how many vehicles they are allowed to park. Specify the rules related to the parking as well if you allow the tenant(s) to utilize the parking area of the property or if you will charge further from the tenant(s) for any such facility. Clearly mention any such details in the rental agreement.

Rules on Pets:

It is also important to mention whether you, being an owner of the property, allow the tenant(s) to keep pets in the room you are renting out. It is better to state such things in the agreement so as to avoid any future conflicts.

Room Rental Agreement Templates PDF

The given below sample room rental agreement templates are in PDF format which means the given below templates are only printable. Make sure to take a look at these sample room lease agreements too.

Practical Room Rental Agreement Template

Sample Blank Room Rental Agreement Template

Shared Housing Room Rental Agreement Template

Room Rental Agreement Request Form Template

Conference Room Rental Agreement Template

Example Rental Agreement for a Room in a Private Home

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