Download 21 BEST Purchase Invoice Templates [WORD, EXCEL, PDF]

In this article, you will find a handy collection of purchase invoice templates. These templates are available both in editable as well as PDF formats. Purchase Invoice templates and samples can save a lot of your time and effort when generating or issuing invoices to your clients or customers. You can also customize any suitable purchase invoice template by downloading it in editable formats. Just click the download button in front of the template’s preview image and the template is yours to use.

Editable Purchase Invoice Templates

Executive Purchase Invoice Template

File Size: 13 KB

Company’s Purchase Invoice Template Excel

File Size: 64 KB

Blank Purchase Invoice Template in WORD

File Size: 46 KB

Simple Purchase Invoice Template

File Size: 228 KB

Business Purchase Invoice Example

File Size: 15 KB

Goods Purchase Invoice Template

File Size: 27 KB

Official Purchase Invoice Template

File Size: 17 KB

Editable Purchase Invoice Template in XLSX Format

File Size: 30 KB

Sample Purchase Invoice Template

File Size: 08 KB

Customizable Purchase Invoice Template

File Size: 17 KB

Material Purchase Invoice Template WORD

File Size: 32 KB

Car Purchase Invoice Example

File Size: 11 KB

Equipment Purchase Invoice Template

File Size: 29 KB

What is a Purchase Invoice?

A purchase invoice is simply an invoice issued by the seller to the buyer for the goods purchased or services rendered by the buyer. The seller or supplier issues the purchase invoice simply to request or demand payment from a client or customer. Of course, such a demand can also be made by word of mouth but the proper and official way is to issue a purchase invoice in the name of the buyer.

Actually, purchase and sales invoices are the same thing and are used interchangeably. It’s only different with respect to perspective i.e., an invoice is a sales invoice for the seller whereas that same invoice is a purchase invoice for the buyer. In the seller’s financial statements, this invoice will be recorded as their revenue whereas, for the buyer, the same invoice will be recorded as purchases in their financial statements.

A purchase invoice can not only be issued only for the purchase of goods or services. Some other examples are:

  • vehicle purchase invoice
  • equipment purchase invoice
  • retail invoice
  • material purchase invoice

It is the duty of the seller to issue a proper purchase invoice. So, whoever buys anything, the seller must issue a correct purchase invoice in the buyer’s name with all the necessary details and information.

Reasons to Issue a Purchase Invoice

Generating and issuing purchase invoices is quite important for businesses. There might be a lot of reasons why issuing the purchase invoices is necessary. Some of these reasons are given below:

  • Purchase invoices minimize the chances of any confusion and misunderstandings between the seller and the buyer. As everything is properly documented, it helps avoid any conflict between parties to a transaction.
  • Before any legal proceedings against a customer or client for non-payment, it is important to issue an official purchase invoice. As mentioned earlier, it is the responsibility of the seller to issue the purchase invoice in the name of the customer. The law also requires that before any kind of legal proceedings against a customer, the seller must have issued the purchase invoice.
  • A purchase invoice can be used as concrete evidence in case of any lawsuits or legal proceedings pertaining to any type of non-payments.
  • Both sales and purchase invoices are very important to retain so as to always keep the financial records up to date.
  • With the help of such invoices, you maintain the financial records of the business that will help you take important decisions in the future. So, it is important to keep proper track of all types of invoices and make sure that they are free from errors or mistakes of any type.
  • A purchase invoice is a legally binding document that confirms the type of goods or services and their prices.

Printable Purchase Invoice Templates

Online Retail Invoice Template

File Size: 12 KB

Corporate Purchase Invoice Template

File Size: 141 KB

Company’s Purchase Invoice Sample PDF

File Size: 117 KB

Furniture Purchase Invoice Template

File Size: 141 KB

Purchase Order Invoice Example

File Size: 128 KB

Printable Business Purchase Invoice Template

File Size: 164 KB

Vehicle Purchase Invoice Template

File Size: 32 KB

Sample Retail Invoice PDF Template

File Size: 14 KB

Basic Elements of a Purchase Invoice

Using the pre-formatted purchase invoice templates and samples will save a lot of your time and effort. However, if you want to make your own purchase invoice template, then you must know about the basic elements of a purchase invoice. Include these basic elements along with the provided below details and information so as to make your purchase invoice official and professional.

  • First thing first, add a header containing the word ‘Invoice’. This must be placed at the top center, right, or left as you wish.
  • To make it look more official and professional, create the invoice on the business letterhead. You can take a look at some amazing letterhead templates here.
  • Include business details like:
    • Business Name
    • Logo
    • Postal Address and Registered Office Address (if they are not the same)
    • Email Address
    • Zip Code
    • Contact Information
    • Website Link (if any)
  • Purchase Invoice Number
  • Details of the Customer like:
    • Customer Name
    • Shipping Address
    • Contact Details
    • Other details depend on the type or nature of the transaction
  • Date of generation or issuance of the invoice.
  • Details of the goods or services availed like:
    • Names/Lists of the products
    • Codes of the products
    • Short Descriptions of each product type
    • Quantity of each product
    • Per unit price of each product
    • Total price/cost for each product type
    • The total amount of the purchase invoice (by adding the total prices/costs of each product type)
  • Amount of tax, fee, or any other charges.
  • Terms and conditions of payment.
  • Mode of payment, if agreed upon earlier by the buyer and the seller.
  • Space for the signature of both seller and buyer.
  • A short thank you note or message for the customer.

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