30+ BEST Daily Report Templates [in EXCEL & WORD]

Are you looking for daily report templates and samples? If so, then we have got a great collection of some editable best daily report templates for you right here on this page. The given templates on this page are available both in Microsoft Excel and Word formats. One can simply select a daily report format of their choice, edit its contents, and use it as per the requirement. You can also checkout related templates like Customer Service Report Template, Construction Report Templates, Stock Report Templates, etc on this site.

What is a Daily Report?

As the name suggests, a daily report is a simple document that includes the details of specific activity on daily basis. This activity could be anything like a daily sales report, daily project progress report, daily employee status report, a daily student progress report, etc. A daily report is also known sometimes as the day-end report.

Different businesses or organizations use different types of daily report formats as per their requirement. Such a report is mostly prepared by a supervisor and submitted to the manager. For example, in the case of an ongoing project, a daily project progress report is prepared by the project supervisor and is submitted to the project manager.

Some organizations prefer to make daily reports in MS EXCEL and some prefer to create a daily report in the MS WORD program. However, in this article, we have provided you with some daily use daily report templates in excel as well as in word formats. So, make sure to check out the given below collection of daily report templates.

FREE Daily Report Templates in EXCEL are Given Below

Salon Daily Sales Report Form

File Size: 307 KB

Trainee Daily Progress Report Template

File Size: 338 KB

Blank Daily Sales Report Template Excel

File Size: 95 KB

Sales Executive Daily Report Template

File Size: 314 KB

Construction Daily Work Progress Report Template

File Size: 338 KB

Sales Person Daily Progress Report Sheet

File Size: 22 KB

Free Editable Hospital Daily Work Report Example

File Size: 12 KB

Excel Daily Sales Report Template

File Size: 310 KB

Daily Progress Report Template in XLSX Format

File Size: 369 KB

Standard Daily Sales Report Template

File Size: 310 KB

Company’s Daily Work Report Template

File Size: 08 KB

Offical Daily Sales Report Excel Template

File Size: 17 KB

Simple Daily Progress Report Example

File Size: 472 KB

Company’s Daily Production Report Template

File Size: 22 KB

Daily Sales Report Graph

File Size: 36 KB

Customizable Hotel Daily Sales Report Format

File Size: 326 KB

Detailed Daily Sales Report Template

File Size: 33 KB

Sample Restaurant Daily Sales Report Template

File Size: 334 KB

Small Business Daily Expense Report Template

File Size: 295 KB

Contractor’s Daily Progress Report Template

File Size: 357 KB

Benefits of Using a Daily Report?

Daily reports are quite important for any type of business or any other organization. Some of the amazing benefits of preparing and using a daily report are here below:

  • The most important objective of a daily report is to update the project managers and team leaders on daily basis.
  • Preparing reports on a daily basis plays an important part in successful project management.
  • Some daily reports are quite helpful in keeping proper track of daily happenings and events in the organization.
  • Some daily reports like daily expense reports or daily materials report help in maintaining and supervising the financial accounts of the company. Doing so also minimizes the risk of fraud.
  • Daily reports are also helpful in managing and improving the productivity of the workforce.
  • A daily report can also be used as a piece of conclusive evidence in case of any future disputes.
  • Daily reports can also be presented to clients so as to keep them up-to-date about a certain project.
  • It is also one of the best tools to evaluate employees’ performances.
  • A daily report enables the project managers to analyze the performance of the whole team instead of interviewing or asking each and every one of the team members.
  • It encourages the employees to perform better so as to be in the good books of the bosses. Such reports might help them in getting recognized by their superiors.

FREE Daily Report Templates in WORD are Given Below

Sample Student Daily Report Template

File Size: 21 KB

Company’s Daily Progress Report Template

File Size: 09 KB

Fillable Daily Progress Report Sheet

File Size: 182 KB

Daily Work Time Report Template

File Size: 11 KB

Daily Sales Report Example in WORD

File Size: 08 KB

Warehouse Daily Report Template in DOC Format

File Size: 15 KB

Online Daily Progress Report Template

File Size: 12 KB

Sample Project Daily Progress Report Template

File Size: 16 KB

Team Member Daily Status Report Template

File Size: 11 KB

Organization’s Daily Activity Report Template

File Size: 12 KB

Official Daily Report Template in DOC Format

File Size: 10 KB

How to Make a Professional Daily Report?

It is quite important that while preparing a daily report, you must choose a professional readable format. A daily report must be prepared in such a way that it clearly highlights and explains everything. In order to know how to write a perfect daily report or to make a professional daily report, make sure to keep in mind the following useful tips:

  • As mentioned above, it is quite important to select and adapt a uniform professional format. Every organization must prepare a daily report in an easy yet official format so that it gets easy for the employees to fill in all the relevant details and information.
  • Simply write the title of the report as “Daily [Type of Report] Report” at the top center of the report document. Make sure to write the title in bold letters and in big font.
  • Details of the employee or employees involved. These details will include the names, contact details, and identification numbers of the emoloyees.
  • Details of the supervisor or any other person who is responsible for making of the daily reports. This will include that person’s name, designatiion, contact details, etc.
  • Mention the day, date, and month on which a daily report is being prepared.
  • List down the specific tasks or accomplishments during the day.
  • You can also briefly describe those tasks and accomplishments.
  • Make sure to keep the report simple, concise, and easily understandable.
  • The details of the resources used or consumed during the whole day.
  • Include all the details and information in a proper organized way.
  • Wherever necessary, add relevant documents to the daily report like recipients or proofs.
  • At the end, always leave some space for the manager or team leader’s remarks and signatures. Both the supervisor and the manager or team leader must sign the report.
  • It is not some compulsory requirement, however the manager can also put the organization’s official stamp on the final report.

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